Beauty VIP

Beauty VIP

$75 Processing Fee, $150 Monthly Beauty Buck Auto Deposit

$10.80/Unit Botox & 10% off Products and Services

Beauty VIPs get special access to sales and events

Complimentary Vitamin Shot with Injectable Services

Beauty VIP

$75 Enrollment | $150/Month

10% off Services

10% off Skincare

Complimentary Vitamin Shot with Injectable Services

Our goal with Beauty VIP Memberships is to establish a healthy routine in order to help our members achieve their anti-aging, injectables, and skin health goals while saving money. Including but not limited to Botox/Dysport, Dermal Fillers, IV therapy, Vitamin Shots, Facial Services, Laser Services, and Skincare Products.

How does it work?

Every month a payment of $150 will be credited to your Patient Wallet at LCV Beauty to use toward any skincare products, injectables, or service (exclusions apply*). Every dollar in your Wallet is yours to use with no expiration date. Members may check their balance through our Patient Portal login and request to add additional dollars at any time! Becoming a Beauty VIP is perfect for clients who visit us consistently for Injectable Treatments, Facial Services, and Skin Health Needs! *VIP benefits are not applicable to Massage, Pedicure, or Ultrasound Imaging Services.

*VIP benefits are not applicable on discounted items, specials, packages, gift cards, or events.

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Benefits do not apply toward discounted products, promotional services, packages, gift cards, or events. Non-applicable services include Ultrasound Imaging, Pedicures, and Massage. Complimentary vitamin shot (excluding NAD+) is distributed in conjunction with Anti-Wrinkle Injection
treatments respectively, every 3-4 months. 

Membership funds are non-transferable, moreover your balance cannot be used toward any purchase beside your own. 

By enrolling in an LCV Loyalty Program, you are committing to a minimum of six months engagement and a monthly charge-paid in full- on the original date of commencement (this date may be changed after the initial payment and agreements are signed). Early membership termination or outstanding balances will result in penalty. Enrollment fee is non-refundable. After 6 months of enrollment, you may freeze your membership up to 30 days with no charge. During interim, the entails of your membership are non-applicable.

You cannot transfer your services to a friend or family member if you are unable to use them that month. You cannot transfer any banked amount or membership discounts to a family or friend.

Termination of membership contract can be requested at any time. However, all cancellations prior to six (6) months will result in a 200$ cancellation fee as well as payback fees in the amount of the membership discounts or free services given during the membership period. Cancellation of membership must be given in writing within 14 days prior to the billing cycle. All members will be required to sign a form cancelling membership. Member will be able to utilize the services and discounts for the month but nothing moving forward.

If a members credit card declines for any reason, the system will attempt to charge it for 3 consecutive days. If the card is removed without notice or continues to decline, member will be notified to provide a new card and will not be able to participate in member discounts or use previously banked amount until the balance is charged. If the member does not get back to LCV Beauty within a 2 week period after attempts to contact member, the member will no longer be available to participate in any memberships at LCV Beauty Aesthetics and the members membership will be cancelled. The 200$ fee must then be paid in order to receive any future services at LCV Beauty Aesthetics.

There is NO cancellation fee after the initial required 6 month period.

Members are subject to LCV Beauty Aesthetics cancellation policy for any missing or cancelled appointments without 24 hours notice.

Per members request, additional funds may be contributed towards your Membership Bank at any time. Botox/Dysport services can be combined with ALLE/Aspire rewards with the understanding that ALLE and Aspire only allows Botox and Dysport services to be completed every 3 months. If you receive Botox or Dysport prior to 90 days from your previous treatment or you are being treated at other offices, we will not be responsible nor are we allowed to combine this discount with your LCV Beauty Membership. We encourage patients to return for subsequent Botox or Dysport treatments in accordance with the FDA approved protocols of every 3-4 months. Studies have proven that in over 95% of all patients, results last from 2-4 months with the average duration being 3 months. Past this, patients will require more units to achieve the required results and thus increase cost. Our very liberal policy allows for up to 5 months in between treatments.

Touchups must happen with 14-21 days of treatment and subject to the members discounted price of $10.80 per unit.

Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other services via our privacy policy.

*** Memberships are subject to change.

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